The Stablesspecial but not pizza

WELCOME  Large succulent Marinated Kalamata Olives – with our compliments


 3 DIPS Tzatziki, Tarama & Meletzanasalata served with Pita Bread     $13

 SOUP of the day with a crunchy bread roll        $14

 SAGANAKI (Vegetarian) with Glace Pear         $15

 SCALLOPS Champignons & Spring Onions in a creamy White Wine sauce served with Pita Bread $19

 MEZZE BOARD to share A selection of Chorizo, BBQ Red Capsicum, Dolmades, Giant Beans,

Sardines and Dodoni Feta served with Pita Bread     $25



 BRIAM (Vegetarian) Roasted potatoes, Aubergines and Zucchinis garnished with fresh herbs with Dodoni Feta & Marinated Kalamata Olives        $20

 MOUSSAKA…our Signature dishPotato, Aubergine, Lamb mince topped with Bechamel sauce $25

 SPAGHETTI MARINARA with shaved Parmesan        $25

 LAMB SHANK Slow roasted and baked in a delicious sauce with Kritharakia (Orzo pasta)  $27

 CREAMY PARMESAN GARLIC MUSHROOM CHICKEN Served with Pappaderlle Pasta  $25


 GREEK SALAD with our own Taradale Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze Dressing    $12

 TARADALE OLIVE OIL & BALSAMIC GLAZE with Pita Bread for dipping     $7

 GARLIC BREAD            $7


CRÈME BRULEE           $9


RICE PUDDING with Salty Caramel topping        $9

CAKE of the DAY             $9

SWEET PIZZA – Rhubarb OR Black Cherry with Vanilla Custard & Crumble    $15

All desserts are served with Chantilly Cream


Agostura Lemon, Lime & Bitters, San Pellegrino Aranciata $3.50

San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml $7


Harris Coffee  Short $3  Regular $3.50   Vienna $4

Elmstock Tea $4          Pure Chai Chocolate $4

For your enjoyment to consume alcoholic beverages of your choice we are Licensed to BYO

and a nominal corkage will apply

WINE $5 per bottle     BEER etc $2 each

Card TXN surcharge on Savings & Cheque 50c, Credit $1          NO SPLIT BILLS

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